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Brush up for Pollinator Week!

Take that flower and pollinate it. According to a United Nations-sponsored report released in February of last year, which draws on the research findings of about 3,000 scientific papers, 40 percent… Read more »


Paris Climate Agreement: Donald withdraws, but hope’s not lost..

“How can America be great when our leaders ignore and deny the siege we are under by a rapidly changing climate? Today, President Trump has not only turned his back… Read more »


Extinction Reversed, But At What Cost?

Imagine a living mammoth, flesh and bone, once again lumbering across the plains, rejoining life on earth in the 21st century. Despite having gone extinct thousands of years ago, some scientists of… Read more »


EOC 122: The Climate Justice Movement is Pedal-Powered and Informed by Indigenous Communities

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today we are bringing you a very special episode from Eyes on Conservation correspondent Kristin Tieche.  Some of you may recognize Kristin’s voice from… Read more »


Endangered Species Day, Every Day

Rather than saying “Happy Endangered Species Day” to you, I want to emphasize what kind of message this annual day of observance really intends to convey: Earth’s species are at… Read more »


Project Puffin: A Story Review

The book is Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock by Stephen W. Kress and Derrick Z. Jackson As a “Puffineer” of three seasons… Read more »


Human Impact on Wildlife: The Physiological Level

The environment is changing and the planet’s wildlife is reacting. But to what degree can that be measured and better understood? In a human dominated world, earth’s environment and ecosystems are afflicted,… Read more »


Climate Movement Elicits Action After the Fact

With the People’s Climate Movement close on the heels of the worldwide Science March, concerned citizens are working hard to keep climate change in the mind of the public and,… Read more »

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EOC 119: Inside the March for Science – The Meaning and Inspiration Behind the March

Listen to this episode in iTunes   As many of our listeners are likely aware, we engaged in an experiment this past weekend and sent five EOC correspondents out to cover… Read more »


Take it to the streets: March for Science

The March for Science is coming. And it is bigger than we think. It will take place not just in Washington DC, not just all across the nation, but around the entire planet,… Read more »