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EOC 119: Inside the March for Science – The Meaning and Inspiration Behind the March

Listen to this episode in iTunes   As many of our listeners are likely aware, we engaged in an experiment this past weekend and sent five EOC correspondents out to cover… Read more »


Take it to the streets: March for Science

The March for Science is coming. And it is bigger than we think. It will take place not just in Washington DC, not just all across the nation, but around the entire planet,… Read more »


Coral Bleaching: Death of a Once-Rich Reef

As sea temperatures rise with the ever-growing impact of climate change, we are left to witness the deadly ripple effects expand across one of the most richly biodiverse areas on earth and… Read more »


EOC 093: Conceivable Future – How Climate Change Threatens Reproductive Rights

  Episode Summary: Our guests on today’s show are the co-founders of a group called, Conceivable Future – Meghan Kallman and Josephine Ferorelli. Conceivable Future is a woman-led network of… Read more »


EOC 081: Startup MyDomino Makes Clean Energy Decisions Easy

Episode Summary: Our guest on today’s show is Rosana Francescato, who is the Director of Communications for MyDomino.  MyDomino is a concierge service that is helping people switch to 100%… Read more »


Voting for Conservation (EOC BONUS episode)

Voting for Conservation My Tuesday evenings are usually spent editing podcast interviews in preparation for our Wednesday Eyes on Conservation podcast release. Last night was different – I was participating… Read more »


EOC 027: Environmental Messaging in Science Fiction Storytelling with Lucas Martell

Episode Summary: Today’s conversation topic on the show is one of particular interest to me as a fan of science fiction. Lucas Martell is a filmmaker and an animator who… Read more »


The Science Communicators: Rob Nelson

The Science Communicators is a new interview series that we are launching as a part of the Wild Lens blog. Each article features an interview with an expert in the… Read more »


Fledgling Gyrfalcons

*** Wild Lens Scientific Director Neil Paprocki is currently in Nome, Alaska working on The Peregrine Fund’s Gyrfalcon Conservation Project with Boise State University graduate student Bryce Robinson. You can… Read more »


Banding Songbirds of the Seward Peninsula Part 1: The Boreal Forest

The U.S. Geological Service (USGS) of Anchorage has been conducting land-bird research on the Seward Peninsula of northwestern Alaska for over two decades. One of the current research projects seeks… Read more »