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stacebird signing off!

Hey ya’ll! So, yes, I’ll be signing off of this blog for awhile. I’m headed to Costa Rica, where I’ll be working at the Saladero Ecolodge on the Gulfo Dulce…. Read more »


Forgotten Coast: Return to Wild Florida, A Film Review

Having recently moved to Florida, and wanting to experience all things wild in this tropical local this this environmental documentary caught my eye..     In a seventy-day expedition, this… Read more »


A Peek Into a Beach-Nesting Seabird Colony

Photos by author.   From Sarasota, I took the bridge to Lido Key, one of multiple barrier islands that line the west coast of the state of Florida. Following the… Read more »


In Between: A film review

In Between: A short film by wildlife cameraman Rolf Steinmann.  The film takes us straight into a swirling, wind-whipped landscape, white with snow. Mountains rise formidably in the background and… Read more »


Sea of Life- A Film Review and Call to Action!

Sea of Life– Written, Directed and Produced by Julia Barnes “The ocean produces most of the oxygen in the air we breathe. It’s home to 80% of all life on… Read more »


Cowspiracy: A Film Review

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret Directed and Produced by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn “The film that environmental organizations don’t want you to see!” Okay, before you start thinking this is… Read more »


Brush up for Pollinator Week!

Take that flower and pollinate it. According to a United Nations-sponsored report released in February of last year, which draws on the research findings of about 3,000 scientific papers, 40 percent… Read more »


Paris Climate Agreement: Donald withdraws, but hope’s not lost..

“How can America be great when our leaders ignore and deny the siege we are under by a rapidly changing climate? Today, President Trump has not only turned his back… Read more »


Extinction Reversed, But At What Cost?

Imagine a living mammoth, flesh and bone, once again lumbering across the plains, rejoining life on earth in the 21st century. Despite having gone extinct thousands of years ago, some scientists of… Read more »


EOC 122: The Climate Justice Movement is Pedal-Powered and Informed by Indigenous Communities

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today we are bringing you a very special episode from Eyes on Conservation correspondent Kristin Tieche.  Some of you may recognize Kristin’s voice from… Read more »