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EOC 111: The New Era of Outdoor Adventure Storytelling with Fitz Cahall

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today’s guest on the show is Fitz Cahall.  Fitz is a podcaster, filmmaker and storyteller at Duct Tape Then Beer.  He is the… Read more »


EOC 110: Six Boise Filmmakers Discuss the State of Conservation Filmmaking in Idaho

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today we are bringing you a panel discussion focused on conservation oriented filmmaking in Idaho.  We put together a panel of Boise-based filmmakers… Read more »


EOC 092: The Science Communicators – Nate Dappen’s Path to Becoming a Science Filmmaker

  Episode Summary: Our guest on today’s show is science filmmaker Nate Dappen.  Like many of the folks that we choose to profile on this show, Nate has a background… Read more »


EOC 021: Filmmaker Interviews at the International Wildlife Film Festival

Episode Summary: We have a very special episode of the podcast for you today – instead of one expert interview we have a series of interviews with a wide variety… Read more »