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EOC 069: Studying Large Carnivores in Eastern Turkey with Mark Chynoweth

Episode Summary: Today on the show we are talking with Ph.D. candidate from the University of Utah, Mark Chynoweth.  Mark is conducting fascinating research on large carnivores in Eastern Turkey,… Read more »


On Biology and Bluegrass

****The following is a guest post from wildlife biologist, educator and musician Tate Mason. Tate works as the education director of the interpretive center at the World Center for Birds… Read more »


EOC 043: The Endangered Species Print Project with Jenny Kendler and Molly Schafer

Episode Summary: On today’s episode of the EOC podcast we’re talking with the co-creators of the Endangered Species Print Project (ESPP), an ongoing print series focused on raising both awareness… Read more »


EOC 042: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Four: The International Shoot

Episode Summary: Today on the podcast we have the fourth installment of our ongoing series, From Field Biologist to Filmmaker, in which I share personal stories about lessons that I’ve learned… Read more »


EOC 022: Monitoring Seabirds in Extreme Isolation with Mikaela Howie

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the podcast is about seabird monitoring in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. This is a long term research and monitoring effort that has been going… Read more »


2014: The Year in Review

All of us at Wild Lens have been so busy producing exciting new content and recording episodes of the new Eyes on Conservation Podcast that we almost forgot to send out… Read more »


EOC 013: A Conservation Education Program for Refugee Kids with Liz Urban and Megan Jones

Episode Summary: Today’s episode is our second show produced in collaboration with the radio show, Building a Greener Idaho, which airs on Radio Boise each Tuesday at 3pm.  Our interview… Read more »


EOC 006: Conservation of Giraffes and other ungulates in Tanzania with Monica Bond

Episode Summary: In this episode of the podcast we talk with the principal scientist and co-founder of the Wild Nature Institute (WNI), Monica Bond. Monica, along with WNI co-founder Derek… Read more »


The spider that jumped at me…

***The following is a guest blog post from biologist and researcher Matt Adams. Matt is asking some fascinating research questions about a group of animals that are often unfairly demonized:… Read more »


An Update from the Texas Horned Lizard Project

***The following is our second post from Wild Lens volunteer Rachel Granberg, who is studying the Texas Horned Lizard as a part of her Master’s research at Texas Tech University…. Read more »