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The Islands and the Whales: A Film Review

The Faroe Islands sit between Scotland and Iceland in the North Atlantic. The Faroese people are decendents of Vikings. They are an autonomous country within Denmark, however, they are not… Read more »


Sea of Life- A Film Review and Call to Action!

Sea of Life– Written, Directed and Produced by Julia Barnes “The ocean produces most of the oxygen in the air we breathe. It’s home to 80% of all life on… Read more »


World Oceans Day, A Celebration Of Our Oceans

Happy World Ocean’s Day! In observance of this important day, we here at Wild Lens will hold a Facebook Live Q&A led by our Souls of the Vermilion Sea filmmakers Sean… Read more »


Drones Over Wildlife: Harassed From Above?

On Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge last summer, while working for Audubon’s Project Puffin monitoring seabird nesting colonies, five of us researchers were relaxing on the porch of our cabin… Read more »


What’s abuzz with team Wild Lens..

As a proud, newly minted member of the Wild Lens team, I’d like to introduce myself: Hello! I’m Stacey Hollis, I’ll be contributing to the Wild Lens blog with stories… Read more »


EOC 102: A Captive Breeding Program for the Vaquita

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Episode Summary: Today’s guest on the show is Tom Jefferson, a marine mammal researcher and the director of Viva Vaquita, an NGO dedicated… Read more »


EOC 055: Teaching Youth about Marine Mammal Conservation with Chloe and Andrew Carothers-Liske

Episode Summary: Today on the show we are talking with Chloe Carothers-Liske along with her father, Andrew Carothers-Liske.  Chloe and Andrew worked together on our newest Eyes on Conservation film,… Read more »


The Search for Vaquita Continues on Board the Maria Cleofas

****The following is another blog post from volunteer Joe Shull, from Aquarium of Boise and Boise State University, who is assisting in the production of our film project Souls of… Read more »


On Board the Maria Cleofas

We met up with Greg Alker, director of the non-profit Grupo Cleofas, early on the morning of Monday, Oct. 5th at the San Felipe Marina. Greg had arrived in town… Read more »


A Unique Approach for Capturing Vaquita Footage

****The following is another post from volunteer Joe Shull, who has been playing a crucial role on our production team for Souls of the Vermilion Sea for the past week… Read more »