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Coral Bleaching: Death of a Once-Rich Reef

As sea temperatures rise with the ever-growing impact of climate change, we are left to witness the deadly ripple effects expand across one of the most richly biodiverse areas on earth and… Read more »


Final Days with the Vaquita

We had two days left to spot a vaquita and capture some footage of this elusive marine mammal. Luckily for us, the weather conditions were cooperating. As explained in the… Read more »


The Search for Vaquita Continues on Board the Maria Cleofas

****The following is another blog post from volunteer Joe Shull, from Aquarium of Boise and Boise State University, who is assisting in the production of our film project Souls of… Read more »


On Board the Maria Cleofas

We met up with Greg Alker, director of the non-profit Grupo Cleofas, early on the morning of Monday, Oct. 5th at the San Felipe Marina. Greg had arrived in town… Read more »


A Unique Approach for Capturing Vaquita Footage

****The following is another post from volunteer Joe Shull, who has been playing a crucial role on our production team for Souls of the Vermilion Sea for the past week… Read more »


First Impressions of the Vermilion Sea from Joe Shull

****The following is a guest post from Joe Shull, volunteer coordinator at the Aquarium of Boise and biology student at Boise State University.  Joe has joined our team in San Felipe,… Read more »


EOC 028: Barbara Taylor’s Mission to Save the Vaquita

Episode Summary: Dr. Barbara Taylor is on a life-long mission to save the vaquita from extinction. She has been working with this critically endangered porpoise for over 30 years, and… Read more »


2014: The Year in Review

All of us at Wild Lens have been so busy producing exciting new content and recording episodes of the new Eyes on Conservation Podcast that we almost forgot to send out… Read more »


EOC 005: The Importance of Volunteer Effort in Marine Mammal Conservation

Episode Summary: We’re sticking with the theme of marine mammal conservation for the month of October – today’s conversation is with Tamyra Thomas, a volunteer from the Marine Mammal Center… Read more »


EOC 004: Marine Mammal Conservation with Adam Ratner

Episode Summary: In this episode of the podcast we talk with Guest Experience Manager at the Marine Mammal Center (TMMC), Adam Ratner. Adam oversees all of the education and outreach… Read more »