sage grouse


EOC 021: Filmmaker Interviews at the International Wildlife Film Festival

Episode Summary: We have a very special episode of the podcast for you today – instead of one expert interview we have a series of interviews with a wide variety… Read more »


EOC 011: The Plan to Save the Sage Grouse with Jeremy Maestas

Episode Summary: Our second episode about sage-grouse conservation presents a very positive message about the work being done in an effort to reverse the declines faced by this species.  Jeremy… Read more »


EOC 010: Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation and Research with Jen Forbey

  Episode Summary: We have dedicated the month of January here at the Eyes on Conservation podcast to Greater Sage-grouse conservation.  We are releasing a brand new short documentary today, Greater… Read more »


Filming Greater Sage Grouse

  This past week allowed some time for Matthew and myself to head down to Nevada to assist one of our videographers in the filming of Greater Sage Grouse. Tatiana… Read more »


Wild Lens Webisodes Update

The original idea for Wild Lens was a simple one – connecting biologists with filmmakers to increase the potential for outreach and education. Our most recent endeavor has taken this… Read more »