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EOC 075: Could a Sport Fishery for Totoaba Help Save the Vaquita?

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the podcast will feature an interview with one of the most unlikely guests we’ve had on the show thus far.  Pat Butler is a real… Read more »


EOC 066: The Crisis Facing the Vaquita

  Episode Summary: Today on the show we are visited by Wild Lens producer Sean Bogle for an update on our current documentary project, Souls of the Vermilion Sea. Now… Read more »


Our final shoot of 2015 for Souls of the Vermilion Sea – It’s a Wrap!

Although we still have lots of filming ahead of us for this project, this marks the final filming expedition of this year.  This story has so many complex facets that… Read more »


Souls of the Vermilion Sea Filming Continues!

Once again we have returned to the Upper Gulf of California for our third expedition to capture the beauty of the area and the complexity of the vaquita’s story.  Our crew… Read more »


The next wave of filming for Souls of the Vermilion Sea begins!

  It has been several months since we started the production of Souls of the Vermilion Sea.  During this time we have been reviewing hours of footage from our first visit… Read more »


EOC 030: Vaquita Conservation in Mexico with “Mr. Vaquita” Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho

Episode Summary: Today on the show we’re talking with Dr. Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho who is the head of marine mammal conservation and research for the National Institute of Ecology and Climate… Read more »


On the Cusp of Change!

  Now that I have returned to my home base, this is the period where I must make sense of everything that I have filmed and learned over the last… Read more »


Hasta Pronto San Felipe!

I will start out by saying that the last three and a half weeks were more than a success.  Everything that I had sought out to do in capturing the… Read more »


The first wave of filming is near its end!

Every day has been full of unexpected encounters, which of course keeps things alive and exciting. Recently there was a pleasant cooling trend that spawned from the out edge of… Read more »


Souls of the Vermilion Sea Kickstarter Campaign Launches!

Today marks the official start of our Kickstarter Campaign for the next month!  We need your support to fund our film Souls of the Vermilion Sea and spread awareness about… Read more »