EOC 090: Collateral Damage – How the Environmental Investigation Agency Exposes Environmental Crime

  Episode Summary: Today’s guest on the show is Clare Perry from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).  Clare has been working for EIA for 17 years, and she is the director… Read more »


EOC 075: Could a Sport Fishery for Totoaba Help Save the Vaquita?

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the podcast will feature an interview with one of the most unlikely guests we’ve had on the show thus far.  Pat Butler is a real… Read more »


EOC 066: The Crisis Facing the Vaquita

  Episode Summary: Today on the show we are visited by Wild Lens producer Sean Bogle for an update on our current documentary project, Souls of the Vermilion Sea. Now… Read more »


EOC 030: Vaquita Conservation in Mexico with “Mr. Vaquita” Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho

Episode Summary: Today on the show we’re talking with Dr. Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho who is the head of marine mammal conservation and research for the National Institute of Ecology and Climate… Read more »


Hasta Pronto San Felipe!

I will start out by saying that the last three and a half weeks were more than a success.  Everything that I had sought out to do in capturing the… Read more »


The first wave of filming is near its end!

Every day has been full of unexpected encounters, which of course keeps things alive and exciting. Recently there was a pleasant cooling trend that spawned from the out edge of… Read more »


Sounds Of The Vermilion Sea

Sounds of the Vermilion Sea It’s my first morning to watch the sun bring the sea to life.  There’s a light breeze and the sand is cool on my feet…. Read more »


San Felipe or Bust!

After two and half weeks of filming in San Diego and Ensenada, I have finally made it to San Felipe, Mexico and the Vermilion Sea where the Vaquita reside.  The… Read more »


EOC 026: A New Film about the Struggle to Save the Vaquita with Sean Bogle

Click on the photo above to jump to our kickstarter campaign for the film! Episode Summary: Today on the show we’re talking about vaquita conservation and a new Wild Lens… Read more »