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EOC 120: Badger Buries Cow REDUX – How the Story went Viral and What it Means for Badgers

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today on the podcast we are discussing a particularly interesting viral media story that I’m guessing a bunch of folks out there in… Read more »


EOC 069: Studying Large Carnivores in Eastern Turkey with Mark Chynoweth

Episode Summary: Today on the show we are talking with Ph.D. candidate from the University of Utah, Mark Chynoweth.  Mark is conducting fascinating research on large carnivores in Eastern Turkey,… Read more »


EOC 016: Studying the Egyptian Vulture in Ethiopia and the Middle East with Evan Buechley

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the podcast is a continuation of this month’s theme of vulture conservation across the globe. Our guest is PhD candidate at the University of Utah,… Read more »