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World Oceans Day, A Celebration Of Our Oceans

Happy World Ocean’s Day! In observance of this important day, we here at Wild Lens will hold a Facebook Live Q&A led by our Souls of the Vermilion Sea filmmakers Sean… Read more »


What’s abuzz with team Wild Lens..

As a proud, newly minted member of the Wild Lens team, I’d like to introduce myself: Hello! I’m Stacey Hollis, I’ll be contributing to the Wild Lens blog with stories… Read more »


EOC 109: The Vaquita on the Brink of Extinction with Dr. Frances Gulland

Listen to this episode in iTunes Today’s guest on the show is Dr. Frances Gulland, senior scientist at the Marine Mammal Center, and a member of the International Committee for… Read more »


EOC 066: The Crisis Facing the Vaquita

  Episode Summary: Today on the show we are visited by Wild Lens producer Sean Bogle for an update on our current documentary project, Souls of the Vermilion Sea. Now… Read more »


In the Land of the Vaquita

In the Land of the Vaquita The time has arrived for our next shoot for Souls of the Vermilion Sea, our feature length film about the struggle to save the… Read more »


From CEDO to Ocean Star!

From CEDO to Ocean Star! As we drive down the east side of the Sea of Cortez I can’t help but notice how different the east shore is from the west shore…. Read more »


Final Days with the Vaquita

We had two days left to spot a vaquita and capture some footage of this elusive marine mammal. Luckily for us, the weather conditions were cooperating. As explained in the… Read more »


On Board the Maria Cleofas

We met up with Greg Alker, director of the non-profit Grupo Cleofas, early on the morning of Monday, Oct. 5th at the San Felipe Marina. Greg had arrived in town… Read more »


A Unique Approach for Capturing Vaquita Footage

****The following is another post from volunteer Joe Shull, who has been playing a crucial role on our production team for Souls of the Vermilion Sea for the past week… Read more »


A Vaquita Sighting!

I was on the top deck of the Ocean Star – the vaquita survey vessel that is slowly cutting transects throughout the entire range of this most elusive of porpoises…. Read more »