What’s abuzz with team Wild Lens..

As a proud, newly minted member of the Wild Lens team, I’d like to introduce myself: Hello! I’m Stacey Hollis, I’ll be contributing to the Wild Lens blog with stories… Read more »


EOC 113: The Role of Community Engagement in Wildlife Conservation with Samantha Young

Listen to this episode in iTunes   This week we are bringing you a very special episode of the Eyes on Conservation podcast – this is about as close to… Read more »


EOC 109: The Vaquita on the Brink of Extinction with Dr. Frances Gulland

Listen to this episode in iTunes Today’s guest on the show is Dr. Frances Gulland, senior scientist at the Marine Mammal Center, and a member of the International Committee for… Read more »


EOC 102: A Captive Breeding Program for the Vaquita

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Episode Summary: Today’s guest on the show is Tom Jefferson, a marine mammal researcher and the director of Viva Vaquita, an NGO dedicated… Read more »


EOC 090: Collateral Damage – How the Environmental Investigation Agency Exposes Environmental Crime

  Episode Summary: Today’s guest on the show is Clare Perry from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).  Clare has been working for EIA for 17 years, and she is the director… Read more »


Boise, Idaho Celebrates the Vaquita

This past weekend we teamed up with the Aquarium of Boise to celebrate our planet’s most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita. Saturday, July 9th was International Save the Vaquita Day,… Read more »


International Save the Vaquita Day at the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco!

A huge thank you to the Aquarium of the Bay, our co-sponsor for International Save the Vaquita Day 2016 (July 9) in San Francisco. The event was an enormous success!… Read more »


Celebrate International Save the Vaquita Day!

  Tomorrow marks the 4th annual International Save the Vaquita Day – an event that was created to celebrate this unique species of porpoise and raise awareness of it’s plight.  Our… Read more »


EOC 077: Using the Legal System to Save Endangered Species with Brendan Cummings

Episode Summary: Today on the show we are talking with Brendan Cummings, who is Senior Counsel at the Center for Biological Diversity. Brendan has been working at the Center for… Read more »


EOC 075: Could a Sport Fishery for Totoaba Help Save the Vaquita?

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the podcast will feature an interview with one of the most unlikely guests we’ve had on the show thus far.  Pat Butler is a real… Read more »