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EOC 065: Making Music from Nature with Ben Mirin (AKA DJ Ecotone)

  Today on the show I am extremely excited to be bringing back someone who was a regular guest on the show early on – Ben Mirin.  Ben was the… Read more »


Vultures of East Africa: Averting the Crisis

Vulture populations in East Africa are facing the threat of very serious declines. Can the African vulture crisis be averted through outreach and education programs? There is hope, and in… Read more »


Vultures of East Africa: Investigating Declines using GSM-GPS Telemetry

As a part of her doctoral research, Corinne Kendall used GPS technology to investigate the dramatic declines seen in vulture populations in Eastern Africa. By trapping and attaching GPS units… Read more »


EOC 016: Studying the Egyptian Vulture in Ethiopia and the Middle East with Evan Buechley

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the podcast is a continuation of this month’s theme of vulture conservation across the globe. Our guest is PhD candidate at the University of Utah,… Read more »


The African Vulture Crisis

As a part of our vulture-themed month of March on the Eyes on Conservation podcast, we are updating and re-releasing our series of four short videos documenting the research of… Read more »


EOC 015: The Vultures of Southeast Asia with Yula Kapetanakos

Episode Summary: We are continuing this month’s theme of vulture conservation around the world with an interview with Yula Kapetanakos. Yula’s doctoral research involved the use of a unique method for… Read more »


Vultures of East Africa: The Soap of the Savannah

In the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Corinne Kendall works to learn more about some of East Africa’s most threatened birds – the vultures. Vulture species are declining worldwide,… Read more »


EOC 014: Vulture Research and Conservation in East Africa with Corinne Kendall

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the show is all about vultures. Our guest is Corinne Kendall, whose doctoral research on vultures in East Africa has played a critical role in… Read more »