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An Unprecedented Effort to Save a Species from Extinction

Two years ago I traveled to the town of San Felipe, Mexico in the Northern Gulf of California for the first time. We were just beginning production on our documentary… Read more »


Project Puffin: Seal Island 2017 Season Summary

Since I only rolled into Seal for just the post-season this year, I thought I’d brush up on the deets of what went on this summer with our beloved terns… Read more »


So, about gulls..

First off, I’m going to ruin a childhood surety. Are you ready? Brace yourself.. There is no such thing as a seagull. The very word makes any seasoned birder shudder…. Read more »


The Islands and the Whales: A Film Review

The Faroe Islands sit between Scotland and Iceland in the North Atlantic. The Faroese people are decendents of Vikings. They are an autonomous country within Denmark, however, they are not… Read more »


Forgotten Coast: Return to Wild Florida, A Film Review

Having recently moved to Florida, and wanting to experience all things wild in this tropical local this this environmental documentary caught my eye..     In a seventy-day expedition, this… Read more »


Preserving One Square Inch of Silence- A Film Review

  Water is softly cascading through pebbles, mist rises in the early hours from the treetops, with moss and lichen of all types of green covering the forest. Serenity. What… Read more »


The Feline Intrusion: Cats vs. Wildlife

  I adore kitties. They’re sleek, beautiful, intelligent and still just about as completely wild as they were before humans ever made their acquaintance. Cats are built for agility and speed… Read more »


Sea of Life- A Film Review and Call to Action!

Sea of Life– Written, Directed and Produced by Julia Barnes “The ocean produces most of the oxygen in the air we breathe. It’s home to 80% of all life on… Read more »


Fourth of July is already popping!

Ah, the Fourth of July. It is nearly upon us and with it we begin to hear the familiar pop, pop, pop of fire crackers grow louder and more incessant… Read more »


Sticky- Animation for Conservation, a Film Review

Sticky By animator Jilli Rose For nearly 80 years the Dryococelus australis, commonly known as the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect and tree lobster, was thought to be extinct. Lord… Read more »