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EOC 045: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Five: Capturing Wildlife Footage!

Episode Summary: Today we have another installment of our series From Field Biologist to Filmmaker, in which I share lessons learned through the process of becoming a wildlife filmmaker. This is… Read more »


EOC 033: The Golden-cheeked Warbler with Mike Marshall

Episode Summary: Today on the show we’re talking with Mike Marshall from the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources. Mike spent five years working with the endangered Golden-cheeked warbler… Read more »


The Science Communicators: Rob Nelson

The Science Communicators is a new interview series that we are launching as a part of the Wild Lens blog. Each article features an interview with an expert in the… Read more »


2014: The Year in Review

All of us at Wild Lens have been so busy producing exciting new content and recording episodes of the new Eyes on Conservation Podcast that we almost forgot to send out… Read more »


EOC 011: The Plan to Save the Sage Grouse with Jeremy Maestas

Episode Summary: Our second episode about sage-grouse conservation presents a very positive message about the work being done in an effort to reverse the declines faced by this species.  Jeremy… Read more »


EOC 007: Giraffe Conservation with Julian Fennessy

Episode Summary: In this episode of the podcast we’re talking with the Executive Director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Julian Fennessy. Julian has been studying wild giraffe populations in Africa… Read more »


EOC 006: Conservation of Giraffes and other ungulates in Tanzania with Monica Bond

Episode Summary: In this episode of the podcast we talk with the principal scientist and co-founder of the Wild Nature Institute (WNI), Monica Bond. Monica, along with WNI co-founder Derek… Read more »


Driving myself crazy

****Another update from Wild Lens volunteer and post-doc researcher Virginia Schutte, who is currently in Panama studying mangrove ecosystems. More updates about the progress of her research will be coming… Read more »


EOC 002: The Phantom Road – Noise Pollution and it’s Effect on Wildlife with Jesse Barber, Chris McClure and Heidi Ware

Episode Summary: In this episode of the Eyes on Conservation Podcast we talked with the three researchers responsible for setting up what they call the Phantom Road study. Boise State… Read more »


Mangrove structural science in Panama

***The following is a blog post from our newest volunteer, Virginia Schutte. Over the next several months, while she is working on her post-doctoral research in the mangrove forests of… Read more »