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Forgotten Coast: Return to Wild Florida, A Film Review

Having recently moved to Florida, and wanting to experience all things wild in this tropical local this this environmental documentary caught my eye..     In a seventy-day expedition, this… Read more »


World Oceans Day, A Celebration Of Our Oceans

Happy World Ocean’s Day! In observance of this important day, we here at Wild Lens will hold a Facebook Live Q&A led by our Souls of the Vermilion Sea filmmakers Sean… Read more »


Last of the Longnecks: A Film Review

Last of the Longnecks A Film Review by Sarah Chinn Photos by Derek E. Lee, Wild Nature Institute In 2016 filmmaker Ashley Scott Davidson of the boutique film production company Iniosante… Read more »


Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest, a review

Written by Brandon Navratil In Executive Producer Alan Lacy’s first film, “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest” explores the plight of a species the world almost lost forever. Along with… Read more »


Drones Over Wildlife: Harassed From Above?

On Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge last summer, while working for Audubon’s Project Puffin monitoring seabird nesting colonies, five of us researchers were relaxing on the porch of our cabin… Read more »


EOC 110: Six Boise Filmmakers Discuss the State of Conservation Filmmaking in Idaho

Listen to this episode in iTunes   Today we are bringing you a panel discussion focused on conservation oriented filmmaking in Idaho.  We put together a panel of Boise-based filmmakers… Read more »


EOC 092: The Science Communicators – Nate Dappen’s Path to Becoming a Science Filmmaker

  Episode Summary: Our guest on today’s show is science filmmaker Nate Dappen.  Like many of the folks that we choose to profile on this show, Nate has a background… Read more »


EOC 072: Master Wildlife Filmmaking with Jake Willers

  Episode Summary: Today on the show we are talking with wildlife filmmaker Jake Willers.  Jake’s path to becoming a wildlife filmmaker is really unique, and he has a lot… Read more »


EOC 045: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Five: Capturing Wildlife Footage!

Episode Summary: Today we have another installment of our series From Field Biologist to Filmmaker, in which I share lessons learned through the process of becoming a wildlife filmmaker. This is… Read more »


EOC 022: Monitoring Seabirds in Extreme Isolation with Mikaela Howie

Episode Summary: Today’s episode of the podcast is about seabird monitoring in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. This is a long term research and monitoring effort that has been going… Read more »