San Felipe, Mexico. Photo credit: Sean Bogle

San Felipe, Mexico. Photo credit: Sean Bogle


It has been several months since we started the production of Souls of the Vermilion Sea.  During this time we have been reviewing hours of footage from our first visit to the Sea of Cortez, while continuing to build relationships for future collaboration to raise awareness about the vaquita. A great deal of time, energy and money has been invested in the preparation for the upcoming vaquita census survey that will stretch across the next couple of months in the Vaquita Refuge.

Our production team, Matthew Podolsky, Joe Shull, and Brenda Razo will be traveling to the Upper Gulf to join up with the NOAA operated vessel, Ocean Star.  They will be documenting this survey as well as a variety of other efforts by other organizations for the film and reporting their activities in hopes of capturing footage of vaquita. Stay tuned for future updates to see what unfolds during this grand expedition!

Viva Vaquita!

To learn more about the vaquita survey visit:



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