What a summer it has been, and continues to be.

Prairie BBT-3464s

We have learned so much from Al Larson during our time on the bluebird trail. His years of experience and devotion continue to amaze us. I think it is safe to say we will be back on the bluebird trail again next year, even after Bluebird Man is completed!

A female bluebird incubating eggs in May.

A female bluebird incubating eggs in May.

We also experienced an amazing ride during the month of July as we successfully launched and funded our first Kickstarter campaign. We received just a tremendous amount of support from folks all over North America, and even a few from Europe! Along the way, we met many more bluebird enthusiasts, and their support for the continued conservation of bluebirds and other cavity nesters has been great to hear about.

Al banding nestling bluebirds in July.

Al banding nestling bluebirds in July.

Yesterday was our final day on the Owyhee Bluebird Trail (or the “Oreana Trail” as Al calls it). All of Al’s bluebirds have wrapped things up for this breeding season. They ended a bit early this year as Al usually has a nest or two of chicks to band in mid- to late-August. This time around all the boxes were unoccupied so we cleaned them out to make sure they’re ready for next year. Cleaning out boxes, while not the most glamorous aspect of bluebird monitoring, is critical if bluebirds are to use these boxes year-after-year. Otherwise the boxes would fill up with nesting material, making them unusable.

Now that we’ve concluded our season of filming and monitoring on the bluebird trail, we have a few additional interviews to conduct and then it will be time for post-production to begin. On Monday our editor will begin combing through the hours-and-hours of footage we have shot. Creating a story out of all our footage will be our next big challenge.

Co-producers Neil Paprocki and Matt Podolsky with Al Larson at the last next box of the year.

Bluebird Man creators Neil Paprocki (L) and Matt Podolsky (R) with Al Larson at the last nest box of the year.

But for now, we reminisce on our time spent with Al on the bluebird trail. Al wasn’t the only one sad about being in the Owyhees for the final time this year – we were too. However, there is always next year to look forward to!


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